Regular Boarding 1 night to 27 nights Maximum:

16 LBS and up: $35.00 for the first dog per night (16 lbs & over) 
and $25.00 for each additional pet same owner discount..

15 LBS and under: $25.00/night for first pet and $20.00 for each additional pet same owner discount.for dogs under 15 LBS.

Dog and a cat: $35.00 for the dog and $10.00 for the cat.

Cats only: $16.00 for the first cat 
and $10.00 for each additional cat.

Owner is responsible for: Food, treats, chew toy, Medication, 
All Medical costs.
Owners must provide a current copy of vet records for our files, 
fill out an agreement form, pet food, treats, medication if required.
We provide same owner discounts for owners with more
than one pet. Your name must be on the Vet records to get the same owner discount. No exceptions.
PAYMENT: Invoices are emailed to owner to pay on line through 
a secure site.  Payment is due one day before check in. 
If owner is delayed beyond reservation: Full complete payment is due the day before checking out pet(s).

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Revised Feb 26th, 2022
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